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Important Reminders For Our Return to Campus

Campus Is Open—Take Advantage of Campus Resources

The university is committed to a robust in-person teaching and learning experience this semester. Even as we start classes online, we encourage you to return to New York City by January 24 and take advantage of campus resources, so you’re ready when classes begin meeting in person on February 7:

Starting Remote Helps Us Return In Person

Why? A brief remote start while campus facilities are open:

  • Allows for early and frequent testing with access to free on-campus PCR tests;
  • Gives enough time for those who test positive to isolate and recover before classes meet in person;
  • Enables those travelling to campus to test before they leave and ensure they’re healthy when they arrive;
  • Prioritizes teaching and learning with minimal disruption at the beginning of the semester;
  • Provides the university with necessary data to assess our community’s well-being and update policies appropriately; and
  • Helps ensure a full, safe, healthy, and timely start to in-person classes on February 7.

Visit our COVID-19 Data Dashboard for the latest information about campus trends, vaccination rates, and testing results.

Your Testing Schedule

Regardless of your first day on site, community members must test and upload a negative PCR test result within seven days before your first time on campus.

While additional early tests are not necessary for building access, we recommend the following schedule for community members who will be on campus for the start of the semester on January 24:

  • Entry Test 1: January 16 – January 22
  • Entry Test 2: January 23 – January 29
  • Entry Test 3: January 30 – February 5

If you are traveling back to campus from outside of New York, please test before traveling to ensure you are negative when you arrive.

If you need to access campus before January 24, make sure you take and upload a negative PCR test within seven days before accessing campus for the first time.

PCR Tests Are Available On Campus

PCR tests are required for entry testing due to their lab-verified accuracy. We strongly recommend using on-campus binx tests, which are readily accessible in multiple locations, quick to take and drop off, and are processed with timely results. Community members can briefly enter a campus building to access an on-campus test, even if they haven’t submitted a recent result.

If you use an outside PCR test provider, please upload your result as soon as possible.

Even though rapid antigen tests are not accepted for entry testing and access to academic buildings, they are more widely available and can be helpful when making travel and other decisions. If you do take a rapid antigen test and receive a positive result, please upload your result as soon as possible and reach out to Student Health Services or Human Resources for further guidance.

Reminder—Booster Requirement

All community members must receive a booster and upload their vaccination record by January 21. More information can be found here.

See You Soon 

Thank you for your ongoing efforts to keep our community safe and healthy. Stay informed by visiting the university’s COVID-19 Community Guide.

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