Cyber Security Awareness Month

This month marks the twelfth National Cyber Awareness Security Month. The Department of Homeland Security has created a weekly agenda focusing on general cybersecurity, cybersecurity at work, protection in our interconnected world, and the future of technology and security. Our friends over at the New School IT department have created their own hand-dandy Security Handbook that offers some tips on how to secure your various devices and protect your information, as well as extra resources on staying safe on the web.

Announcements and events this month reminds us that bad things can happen on the internet, but we can do a few things here and there to protect ourselves. Having complex passwords, practicing skepticism in interacting with unsolicited emails, and downloading only safe, trusted content from the internet are a few things to keep in mind as we work and play. As Homeland Security emphasizes, cybersecurity is a shared responsibility: by keeping your own internet practices safe, you help ensure the safety of your coworkers and family. Some of you might want to consider getting a Digital Fellow in to help you establish a secure password manager.

(Also, though it’s not entirely pertinent, the IT department is not recommending students and faculty download OS X 10.11 or Windows 10, seeing that there have been multiple issues with browsers and email, sometimes with no work-around.)