Writing History Seminar | Nell Irvin Painter Podcast

Thanks to our friends at Red Dog Productions we are able to share a video of the first Writing History Seminar with you. Nell Irvin Painter, a renowned writer of 19th century African American history and Princeton University Professor Emeritus, visited The New School on Friday September 18, 2015, to present “History through Digital Collage: Art History by Nell Painter Volume XXVII, Ancestral Arts.” The event was co-sponsored by the Digital Humanities Initiative, the History Department at NSSR and the Race and Ethnicity Curricular Pathway in the Bachelor’s Program for Adult and Transfer Students.

Writing History is a seminar focused on the pleasures and challenges of writing history for a wider public, aimed at faculty, graduate students, and advanced undergraduates. We put aside a history essay’s content, context, or historiography, to hone our approach to the writing process, from style, pacing, and word choices, to questions of audience, publishers, and the changes created by digital media. To register for our spring series, go here and scroll to the bottom of the page. Our spring series kicks off on Friday, January 29 with National Book Award winner Edward Ball ad his topic, “Writing History Using Family History.”