App of the Week | Slack

This week we have a second profile for you:  Slack, a simple yet robust messaging app for teams to stay in contact and stay productive. We’ve used Slack internally at the Digital Humanities Initiative to quickly get feedback from our coworkers and share files online. It’s an incredibly quick set up and can be accessed on your phone, desktop, or by logging in from anywhere on the web.

Slack is completely free; it comes with every feature you’d expect from an instant messaging app and more. The Slack app works across any desktop operating system and on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It has a flat, unobtrusive design that keeps information organized and easily accessible. Within Slack, “channels” are used to divide the chatroom into specific topics, file sharing is as easy as dragging from the desktop, and you can even have private conversations with teammates. Anyone familiar with social media will recognize the @ and # tools to send messages to specific teammates or include your message in different channels.

Another benefit of Slack is the amount of app integration it offers. For example, you can integrate Skype to make video calls, Lucidchart to add diagrams and spreadsheets, or even Lyft to order a car ride from your Slack chat! You can browse the ever-growing number of apps that support Slack integration through their App Directory

While instant messages don’t have the same weight and gravitas as an email, they’re much better at getting quick feedback and keeping your coworkers updated on fast changing projects. If you’re looking for a simple communication system to instantly connect with your coworkers or teammates, Slack is the perfect tool.

About William Enders

A sophomore Design and Technology major at Parsons School for Design, focusing on interactive media and video games.