OLC Webinar

Digital Scholarship Webinar Series

Throughout this year the Online Learning Consortium will be sponsoring and hosting several web seminars on various topics related to digital scholarship. Webinars range from building your digital scholarship brand to researching the models of online education. From their website:

Join OLC as we host prestigious scholar-experts in the field of digital scholarship who will share insights from the field, as well as theory and practitioner-based skills in this series of four webinars. With each webinar focusing on a specific area of digital scholarship, the series will provide you with the knowledge and skills to propel your personal brand forward, as well as increase the visibility of your scholarship in the field. Whether you’re a doctoral student or junior faculty member who is embarking on your academic career, or a senior faculty member who would like to build your online presence, this webinar series will provide you with the information to do so. All webinars include a 15-minute question and answer session with the presenters.

This webinar series is sponsored by the official journal of the Online Learning Consortium, Online Learning (OLJ). The goals of the journal and of this webinar series are to help our growing community of researchers better investigate and publish in field of online learning. Through OLJ and through the webinar we hope to advance quality in our collective efforts to produce better insights through our scholarship. There are many ways to do that and each of the panelists in this series speakers will provide a unique perspective. This webinar series reflects OLC’s firm commitment to enhance author services associated with Online Learning and to make the journal the premier venue for the publication of cutting edge research.

These webinars are free for members of OLC and $29 for non-members. Take a look at their page and see if any peak your interest!

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A sophomore Design and Technology major at Parsons School for Design, focusing on interactive media and video games.