Skype Alert!

Experiencing trouble with your Skype? Looking at the bulletin boards (which we did this morning because we were trying to connect with someone in Shanghai and Google+ doesn’t work there) a lot of people are having one or all of these problems:

  • It looks like your friends are online when they are actually offline;
  • You are viewed by others as offline, even when you are fully logged in and online;
  • It looks like people have not accepted your contact request when they actually have.

We couldn’t find a single helpful suggestion anywhere, even on the bulletin board sponsored by Skype itself, about how to fix this. So this is what we did: we uninstalled Skype, downloaded a new package, and reinstalled it. While we were doing it, we noted a message from the friendly folks at Skype that they had fixed a few problems that they declined to describe.

Reader, it worked.

In any case: if you are having problems with any app, uninstalling and reinstalling is a good thing to try. Another good thing to try is to drop in and see the friendly folks at the Digital Humanities Initiative, room 910, 66 West 12th street, and let us puzzle it out.