Video: Gay American History @ 40

Last May it was the great pleasure of the DHI to help organize the Gay American History @ 40 Conference, a celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Jonathan Ned Katz’ seminal LGBT text, which inaugurated the birth of a whole field of writing on radicals, sexual subversives, leaders, and ordinary people incognito or under persecution in the United States. The conference, well-attended by preeminent scholars and activists alike, was an opportunity for the LGBT History community to reflect on nearly half a century of work, of ideas matured and directions changed, of how far things come and how far there is still yet to trek.

We present to you here a few of the pearls formed during those three days. First is the keynote speech by Susan Stryker, professor of Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Arizona.


Second is the closing session of the conference, featuring discussion, reminiscences, and rumination from Kevin Nadal, John D’Emilio, Esther Newton, Carole Vance, and Jonathan Ned Katz.


(PS: take a look at the beautifully designed website Digital Fellow Alex Fine created for the conference, here at