The National Archives is on GIPHY

Did you hear? Historians across the nation stopped everything they were doing on the morning of September 22 2016 when  the American Historical Association announced that the National Archives and Records Administration had joined GIPHY.  “I am posting too much today,” a colleague from the Midwest wrote on Facebook, attaching a .gif of the original National Archives building in Washington D.C., “but via Claire Potter I found the US National Archives on GIPHY and am too delighted not to share.” This is what we call creative destruction.

The world’s largest library of .gif (Graphic Interchange Format) files, the images that dance and wiggle in your Facebook and Twitter feeds, GIPHY was founded in 2013 by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke as a search engine. It quickly expanded into a .gif archive, where artists and designers, as well as major corporations like Disney, Universal Studios and Calvin Klein, store their work. Now the National Archives has loaded 86 images from its files: they range from the iconic (Lou Gehrig’s farewell to Yankee Stadium) to the obscure (images taken from military training films intended to teach 1960s recruits about the social behavior of “modern” young women.) Each .gif has a link on the bottom right hand corner that takes you to the catalogue description.


So whether you are a historian or not, power up your Power Point and Canvas with these fun images!