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Online Teaching & Education- Faculty Discussions

Coming up this fall semester, full-time and part-time New School faculty are invited to discussions presented by Ilan Jacobsohn
on the current state of online teaching, as well as presentations on faculty experiences in virtual teaching environments.

October 17th: An Overview with Examples of Effective Online Teaching

We have all experienced the traditional classroom in one way or another and are familiar with the multiple methods of engagement and discourse. But the online course experience is a relatively new and rapidly evolving educational forum. In this presentation and discussion, Ilan Jacobsohn discusses the current state of online education and where it’s heading. We review examples from several online courses and hear about experiences and solutions fellow faculty have discovered teaching online. Discover what exists in the world of online ed and how to make your teaching more efficient and enjoyable.

November 9th: Online Education: A Faculty Presentation and Discussion on Teaching Online

A brief demonstration of online coursework by fellow faculty across the university. See alternative methodologies for organizing and teaching an online course and participate in a conversation with colleagues. Learn and share what works and what doesn’t.

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