Take Charge of Technology for a Successful Semester

Information Technology, Student Success, Libraries and Archives, Distributed and Global Education, Registrar’s Office, and Human Resources and Finance are jointly offering a faculty session, “Take Charge of Technology for a Successful Semester”. This session will provide you with the opportunity to ask questions about technology tools, systems, and services used for teaching and learning at The New School.

Have you ever had any of these questions:

  • What does Starfish do? How do I take attendance using Starfish?
  • How can Degreeworks help me support my students?
  • How do I upload content to Canvas? How do I use the gradebook?
  • How do I use the online course reserves, archives, and research guides?
  • What technology services are available to me as a faculty member?
  • How do I use classroom presentation technology?
  • How do I submit an expense report in MyDay?
  • How can I view my academic appointment history in MyDay?
  • How do I change my benefit allocations in MyDay?
Representatives will be available to answer these questions, and more, on
Tuesday, October 25, from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the University Center Faculty Resource Center at 63 Fifth Avenue, room 308.
Who will be there and on what will they be representing?
  • Distributed and Global Education: Canvas
  • The New School Libraries and Archives: eResources
  • Student Success: Starfish (Student Success Network)
  • Registrar: DegreeWorks
  • Information Technology: Technology in Learning Spaces, IT applications and services, IT Central
We look forward to seeing you there and answering your questions. Light refreshments will be served.