Wikimedia NYC – Indigenous People’s Wiki-thon

You’re invited to the Interference Archive for an Wikipedia Editathon on Sunday, November 13, 2016!

In honor of Indigenous People’s Day and Anti-Thanksgiving, Wikimedia is holding a Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on the theme of Indigenous peoples’ movement histories. They will provide tutorials for beginners, reference materials, best practices for writing, and refreshments. Join us to help improve Wikipedia’s coverage of Indigenous communities and social justice!

Across settler-colonial geographies, Indigenous peoples’ histories have largely been misrepresented. This misrepresentation has enabled and concealed acts of violence against Indigenous peoples in many forms – from environmental contamination to forced relocation. In an effort to learn from and support the myriad movements that have arisen in response to this violence, we will glean relevant information from the Interference Archive to share through Wikipedia. Our objective is to make information and documentation related to Indigenous peoples’ movement histories more accessible for current and future movement makers, educators, and learners.

Check out our Event Calendar page for detailed information!

About William Enders

A sophomore Design and Technology major at Parsons School for Design, focusing on interactive media and video games.