Event | Cyber-Insecurity RESCHEDULED

This event is hosted by the Digital Humanities Initiative and the Global Studies Program.

Cyber-Insecurity: Everything You Ever wanted to know about Encryption but were Afraid to Ask
Tuesday, April 18th, 7:00pm
Orozco Room (712), 66 West 12th st.

With the safety of journalists and activists becoming less certain and international cyber attacks on the rise, the priority of digital security is ever increasing. Yet encryption is poorly understood by most people, despite its ever-more central role in our lives. The Digital Humanities Initiative and Global Studies Department are teaming up to present a seminar on understanding what encryption is and how encryption can help citizens, activists, and scholars protect their work, their communications, and their identities when digital privacy is not a given. Featured speakers are Rosario Gennaro (Director of the Center for Algorithms and Interactive Scientific Software at City College of New York) and Trebor Scholz (Associate Professor of Culture & Media at Lang College, who introduced the concept of platform cooperativism. Moderated by Claire Potter (Director of the Digital Humanities Initiative) and Jonathan Bach (Chair of Global Studies Program) This seminar will examine which platforms and practices work best in different contexts, what dangers still exist for digital users, and just what encryption is.

Questions to Address:

  • How secure is “secure”?
  • What’s the point to encrypting?
  • Who can encrypt?
  • Are third-parties to be trusted?

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