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The National Archives is on GIPHY

Did you hear? Historians across the nation stopped everything they were doing on the morning of September 22 2016 when  the American Historical Association announced that the National Archives and Records Administration had joined GIPHY.  “I am posting too much today,” a colleague from the Midwest wrote on Facebook, attaching a .gif of the original […]

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Skype Alert!

Experiencing trouble with your Skype? Looking at the bulletin boards (which we did this morning because we were trying to connect with someone in Shanghai and Google+ doesn’t work there) a lot of people are having one or all of these problems: It looks like your friends are online when they are actually offline; You […]

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CFP | 2017 R-CADE Symposium, Camden, NJ Due November 11, 2016

The Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center welcomes panel proposals for the 2017 R-CADE Symposium. The Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital Ephemera (R-CADE) provides scholars and artists the opportunity to do hands-on work with digital ephemera. The R-CADE defines ephemera broadly – nearly any digital artifact can be considered “digital ephemera,” from early videogames such as Spacewar! to […]

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CFP: Handbook of Methods in the Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a contested field. With little agreement on exactly what Digital Humanities means it has been deemed both the savior of the humanities and, as recently claimed in the London Review of Books, a “neoliberal tool” (​Allington, et al, 2016​) bent on destroying traditional humanities departments. Yet, despite the disagreements and debates, we […]

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NYCDH Third Annual Graduate Student Project Award

NYCDH pleased to announce our third annual cross-institutional NYCDH digital humanities graduate student project award. We invite all graduate students attending an institution in New York City and the metropolitan area to apply by Monday, August 15, 2016. First prize winner(s) will receive a cash prize of $1000. Two runner up positions will receive $500 […]

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The History of Women Hackers

Because we are all feminists at the Digital Humanities Initiative, we are not only committed to outreach, problem solving, and good clean fun. We are also committed to digging up all the evidence we can find that computer technology has a long and diverse history. Today’s gem tells the story of six female mathematicians recruited […]

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Have You Noticed It’s Primary Season? Political E-Wisdom

How could you have missed it that the 2016 campaign is up and roaring, right? We at the Digital Humanities Initiative can be heard having vigorous political debates in the lab, Monday through Thursday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM, and of course you are welcome to join us, and get some web tips at the […]

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Gone Phishing: The Marks of an E-scam

Early this week, your alert DHI Director received an email from the Benefits Help address at The New School’s Human Resources. It went something like this: “Dear employee: please attach a copy of your 2015 W-2 and return it to us promptly. Sincerely, Human Resources.” My fraud alert went off. I put it in spam, […]

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Feeling Pixillated? Take A Break from the `Net

It’s the time of year when there is too much to do. You are either grading papers or writing them; going to meetings or scheduling them; helping students in your online class or scheduling office hours for onsite students who have suddenly realized the semester is drawing to a close. Thanksgiving was a wonderful break, […]

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Writing History Seminar | Nell Irvin Painter Podcast

Thanks to our friends at Red Dog Productions we are able to share a video of the first Writing History Seminar with you. Nell Irvin Painter, a renowned writer of 19th century African American history and Princeton University Professor Emeritus, visited The New School on Friday September 18, 2015, to present “History through Digital Collage: Art […]

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