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App Of The Week: Acorns Investing App

Financial investing is the last thing on most college students’ minds considering the cost of living and student loans. Acorns, a comprehensive, straightforward investing app, is working to fix that. Monthly investments start as low as $5, while extra change is added from your debit and or credit card purchases as a sort of everyday investment […]

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Samsung Burner Phone

Advice | Burner Phones and Why You Might Need Them

Wired recently ran an article on their top 6 burner phones, which brings up interesting questions on privacy in the digital age. With more and more apps tracking your location and recording your texts and calls, how do you hold space for safe communication? What happens if your phone or laptop is confiscated? There’s a […]

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It’s Time To Change Your Password

Hacks come in many different forms; keyloggers, viruses, phishing, brute force. In most cases, it’s a misstep of the user. You clicked a bad link, you opened a suspicious document that your “Grandma” emailed you. Maybe your password is just “password.” There are many easy ways to avoid the day to day phishers and scammers, but even if your […]

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DHI’s 2016 “Favorite Things” List

Today is December 7th. Before you know it, snow will have caked the sidewalks of our city and red-ribboned boxes will have appeared beneath our trees. So in the spirit of giving, we thought we might share with you our go-to guide for the holiday season––that is, our favorite digital tools, apps, and gadgets for […]

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Skype Alert!

Experiencing trouble with your Skype? Looking at the bulletin boards (which we did this morning because we were trying to connect with someone in Shanghai and Google+ doesn’t work there) a lot of people are having one or all of these problems: It looks like your friends are online when they are actually offline; You […]

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Twitter Steps Up Its Game: Can We Do the Same?

Last week, Twitter announced that users can now use alternative text with images, a device to help the visually impaired make full use of social media. Now, tweets can associate images with text for screen readers, which read aloud text on web pages. Prior to this announcement, images on Twitter were irrelevant for people who are visually impaired. (If you’re interested in […]

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What We Wish You Knew: Professors and Students Spill the Beans

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have some connection to academia, as a professor, student, or administrator. When you look back on your years teaching or learning, if you are like most people, you will have some complaints. There were probably some things that you took issue with, some things you wish your […]

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Does Grammarly Live Up to the Hype?

The DHI recently received an email from a Press Relations Representative for the proofreading app Grammarly, the self-proclaimed “world’s most accurate grammar checker.” You might have seen ads for this service and wondered what it’s all about, and truthfully, we were wondering too. It claims to check your writing for over 250 rules of grammar […]

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Have You Noticed It’s Primary Season? Political E-Wisdom

How could you have missed it that the 2016 campaign is up and roaring, right? We at the Digital Humanities Initiative can be heard having vigorous political debates in the lab, Monday through Thursday from 1:00 to 5:00 PM, and of course you are welcome to join us, and get some web tips at the […]

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Gone Phishing: The Marks of an E-scam

Early this week, your alert DHI Director received an email from the Benefits Help address at The New School’s Human Resources. It went something like this: “Dear employee: please attach a copy of your 2015 W-2 and return it to us promptly. Sincerely, Human Resources.” My fraud alert went off. I put it in spam, […]

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