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How (and Why) to Keep Your Dissertation Off Proquest

For many PhD candidates finished with defending their dissertation, filing it is the easy part.  But L.D. Burnett found out that it wasn’t as simple as that.  At the University of Texas at Dallas, candidates must submit their dissertation through ProQuest. According to this article, dissertations filed with ProQuest since 2008 have been added to […]

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Feeling Pixillated? Take A Break from the `Net

It’s the time of year when there is too much to do. You are either grading papers or writing them; going to meetings or scheduling them; helping students in your online class or scheduling office hours for onsite students who have suddenly realized the semester is drawing to a close. Thanksgiving was a wonderful break, […]

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Advice | Cleaning Your Computer

One of the most difficult aspects of computer ownership is keeping the little darlings clean. I realize some of us don’t worry about this much, but I’m at the other extreme. When I see smudges and spots of various kinds, I need to deal with them. Furthermore, there are problems that may crop up in […]

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