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App of the Week | Hemingway App

This week we’d like to introduce you an app designed in the spirit of one of America’s greatest literary treasures. Ernest Hemingway was known for the severity of his prose, unmarked by qualifiers and complex phrases.  Hemingway App, a text editor you can use on the web and or by downloading it, takes this philosophy and uses it to help […]

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App of the Week | Slack

This week we have a second profile for you:  Slack, a simple yet robust messaging app for teams to stay in contact and stay productive. We’ve used Slack internally at the Digital Humanities Initiative to quickly get feedback from our coworkers and share files online. It’s an incredibly quick set up and can be accessed […]

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App of the Week | Google Keep

Sticky notes serve a very particular purpose: they’re designed to be small, sticky, and colorful. They have to be portable, and useful for the here and now — for example, an immediate and sudden realization which necessitates some form of documentation. They must stay exactly where they’re put for long periods of time while we’re off conducting […]

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App of the Week | Zotero

As we begin this spring, and a fresh semester full of new projects, we thought it appropriate to give you a leg up on your upcoming schoolwork with some amazing software (before you get your hands dirty in research papers and finals). While you begin think about what some of your end-of-the-semester work will look like, or if […]

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App of the Week | Zoom Video Conferencing

This week we are profiling a really powerful video conferencing package called Zoom, recommended to us by our good friend Jim O’Connor at Distributed Education. A desktop app not unlike Skype, it’s free to use in conferences of up to 25 people and for 40 minutes, with unlimited one-to-one calls (for unlimited calling, you need to […]

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App of the Week | Google Chrome Extensions

In the office this week I was looking around for a productive web tool to share for App of the Week, something elegant and smooth-running, when I came across this: it’s an extension for Google Chrome (which if you don’t have already, I’ll take this opportunity to recommend) called Abstract Browsing. It transforms all the content […]

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App of the Week | Canvas Mobile App

Though you are all likely to be familiar with the web tool Canvas (to both your delight and dismay perhaps), our App of the Week is the Canvas Mobile App, with which you might not be as familiar. It offers almost all the features of the full site, but on the go on both iOS […]

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App of the Week | Boomerang for Gmail

Those of you who have been running into Digital Humanities Initiative Director Claire Potter in meetings have probably heard her enthusing about her latest find, Boomerang. Technically, Boomerang is a plug-in, not an app, and it improves the performance of your New School Gmail. How? Because Boomerang: Schedules your email. This is what Claire likes […]

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