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Video: Gay American History @ 40

Last May it was the great pleasure of the DHI to help organize the Gay American History @ 40 Conference, a celebration of the fortieth anniversary of Jonathan Ned Katz’ seminal LGBT text, which inaugurated the birth of a whole field of writing on radicals, sexual subversives, leaders, and ordinary people incognito or under persecution in the […]

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CFP: Handbook of Methods in the Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a contested field. With little agreement on exactly what Digital Humanities means it has been deemed both the savior of the humanities and, as recently claimed in the London Review of Books, a “neoliberal tool” (​Allington, et al, 2016​) bent on destroying traditional humanities departments. Yet, despite the disagreements and debates, we […]

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The History of Women Hackers

Because we are all feminists at the Digital Humanities Initiative, we are not only committed to outreach, problem solving, and good clean fun. We are also committed to digging up all the evidence we can find that computer technology has a long and diverse history. Today’s gem tells the story of six female mathematicians recruited […]

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Gone Phishing: The Marks of an E-scam

Early this week, your alert DHI Director received an email from the Benefits Help address at The New School’s Human Resources. It went something like this: “Dear employee: please attach a copy of your 2015 W-2 and return it to us promptly. Sincerely, Human Resources.” My fraud alert went off. I put it in spam, […]

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Social Media for Social Justice

On Saturday October 24th, #RiseUpOctober’s Anti Police Violence Rally in New York City drew media coverage from around the country. Quentin Tarantino and Cornel West were among speakers addressing the audience of thousands. The event was largely organized around social media, similar to many other anti-police actions. Organizers in the Black Lives Matter movement and […]

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Cyber Security Awareness Month

This month marks the twelfth National Cyber Awareness Security Month. The Department of Homeland Security has created a weekly agenda focusing on general cybersecurity, cybersecurity at work, protection in our interconnected world, and the future of technology and security. Our friends over at the New School IT department have created their own hand-dandy Security Handbook that offers some tips on how […]

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