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Digital Labor

CFP: Histories of Digital Labor, Past and Present (Open Submissions)

250-300 word abstracts due January 31, 2017 6,000-word essays due June 30, 2017 Full CFP here: Recent attempts to rewrite dominant accounts of technological progress, including the annual Ada Lovelace Day and Hidden Figures—the upcoming film about African-American women’s achievements in NASA—have drawn attention to the unknown histories lurking behind our digital present. This […]

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CFP: Handbook of Methods in the Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a contested field. With little agreement on exactly what Digital Humanities means it has been deemed both the savior of the humanities and, as recently claimed in the London Review of Books, a “neoliberal tool” (​Allington, et al, 2016​) bent on destroying traditional humanities departments. Yet, despite the disagreements and debates, we […]

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Reply All and the Internet’s Humanity

I was in fourth grade sitting at my family’s computer. I turned my head toward my mom in the living room and shouted, “What does muff mean?” Someone I was playing Pictionary with online was using the handle Muff Diver Mike. I wasn’t allowed back on the computer for a week. In between the time […]

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How (and Why) to Keep Your Dissertation Off Proquest

For many PhD candidates finished with defending their dissertation, filing it is the easy part.  But L.D. Burnett found out that it wasn’t as simple as that.  At the University of Texas at Dallas, candidates must submit their dissertation through ProQuest. According to this article, dissertations filed with ProQuest since 2008 have been added to […]

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