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Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil, Crown Random House (2016)

Is Big Data Ruining Your Life?

By Alex Fine Big data may be ruining your life is the thesis of Cathy O’Neil, a former Wall Street financier, in Weapons of Math Destruction. Big data is the buzzword for everyone in tech, which is no wonder, considering just how much data even one person generates. From your social media posts, to your emails, […]

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DHI’s 2016 “Favorite Things” List

Today is December 7th. Before you know it, snow will have caked the sidewalks of our city and red-ribboned boxes will have appeared beneath our trees. So in the spirit of giving, we thought we might share with you our go-to guide for the holiday season––that is, our favorite digital tools, apps, and gadgets for […]

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Toward Algorithmic Criticism

“How can computers make our lives better?” is a question asked routinely by computer scientists, engineers, and the enigmatic entrepreneurs who bankroll the digital world. The answers they arrive at often point to monumental changes: after all, the personal computer, the cell phone,  and any number of other technological achievements that have brought on new […]

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Be a Part of the Healthcare Hackathon

This message is taken from a University-wide announcement.   Graduate students and undergraduate seniors at The New School are invited to participate in Hack Health: A New School Hackathon to Re-imagine Health, Healthcare, and Digital Solutions Friday through Sunday, Oct 21-23. In this three-day workshop, participants of various disciplines will work together in small teams […]

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Race and Queerness:’s Latest Update

This post was jointly written by Kevin Ewing and Sabine Decatur. This summer we started an exciting project to document and make accessible chronologies of queer history. With funding from the Arcus Foundation, we established a series of interactive LGBTQ timelines that will be housed on The goal was to create an extensive yet […]

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Chesnutt Archive

Redesigning a Literary Archive for the Modern Web

One of the projects that the DHI has taken on over the summer is a redesign of the Charles Chesnutt Archive, a digital archive maintained by the dean of Eugene Lang College, Dr. Stephanie Browner. It was created by Dr. Browner in 1995 at Berea College and has been an invaluable source of Chesnutt’s work […]

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CFP | 2017 R-CADE Symposium, Camden, NJ Due November 11, 2016

The Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center welcomes panel proposals for the 2017 R-CADE Symposium. The Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital Ephemera (R-CADE) provides scholars and artists the opportunity to do hands-on work with digital ephemera. The R-CADE defines ephemera broadly – nearly any digital artifact can be considered “digital ephemera,” from early videogames such as Spacewar! to […]

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CFP: Handbook of Methods in the Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a contested field. With little agreement on exactly what Digital Humanities means it has been deemed both the savior of the humanities and, as recently claimed in the London Review of Books, a “neoliberal tool” (​Allington, et al, 2016​) bent on destroying traditional humanities departments. Yet, despite the disagreements and debates, we […]

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National Archive Catalog Update

The National Archive is a vast collection of millions of federal documents and materials that hold historical significance to the US. The National Archive is home to everything from Supreme Court Decisions and Congressional Records to Genealogy Research. With an endless amount of photos, videos and documents, it may seem overwhelming at first. However, if […]

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Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 9.51.02 AM

App of the Week | Google Keep

Sticky notes serve a very particular purpose: they’re designed to be small, sticky, and colorful. They have to be portable, and useful for the here and now — for example, an immediate and sudden realization which necessitates some form of documentation. They must stay exactly where they’re put for long periods of time while we’re off conducting […]

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