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Message Encryption – A Facebook First

Privacy Win! Facebook has finished rolling out Secret Conversations for their Messenger apps on iOS and Android, creating the largest end-to-end encrypted messaging network in history. What does this mean for you? Encryption means that your conversations can’t be hacked into, whether it’s by criminals or the authorities. Secret Conversations are only accessible by you and the recipient, and […]

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Twitter Steps Up Its Game: Can We Do the Same?

Last week, Twitter announced that users can now use alternative text with images, a device to help the visually impaired make full use of social media. Now, tweets can associate images with text for screen readers, which read aloud text on web pages. Prior to this announcement, images on Twitter were irrelevant for people who are visually impaired. (If you’re interested in […]

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Reply All and the Internet’s Humanity

I was in fourth grade sitting at my family’s computer. I turned my head toward my mom in the living room and shouted, “What does muff mean?” Someone I was playing Pictionary with online was using the handle Muff Diver Mike. I wasn’t allowed back on the computer for a week. In between the time […]

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Social Media for Social Justice

On Saturday October 24th, #RiseUpOctober’s Anti Police Violence Rally in New York City drew media coverage from around the country. Quentin Tarantino and Cornel West were among speakers addressing the audience of thousands. The event was largely organized around social media, similar to many other anti-police actions. Organizers in the Black Lives Matter movement and […]

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Social Media | Hootsuite

All you academic social media butterflies and program directors who can’t keep your many profiles straight, this one’s for you: known as “the world’s #1 platform for managing social media,” Hootsuite offers three levels of its integrated social media toolkit. For those of us on more than one social media platform, or managing social media […]

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