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DH doesn’t look like your father’s tenure case!

As conventional humanities and social science departments hire and promote scholars whose practice is partially or wholly digital, traditional evaluation practices have required rethinking.

Evaluating digital scholarship for reappointment, tenure and promotion is an area in which professional associations are beginning to take an intense interest:  we have listed some of these new guidelines below. While these are standards set for scholars, they may also be helpful in your teaching as you set and communicate expectations for how your students will present digital projects; how such projects reflect the learning outcomes of the course or program; how you will communicate the evaluation rubric for digital projects; and how your assignment might support the Shared Capacities Initiative at The New School.

Don’t see anything from your professional association here? Write us at our DHI address and tell us where to look. If you have a tenure or promotion case coming up, we would be happy to help you with any research that makes you more confident about compiling or evaluating a dossier.