Featured Course | Introduction to Digital Humanities

NHUM2001: Introduction to Digital Humanities, Claire Potter (online). Register here. Computers enable us to rethink, reform and reorient every stage of our intellectual process. Digital humanities methods, and the collaboration they require, allows us to understand a book, an archive, a painting, a space, an idea, a film — or our own minds — differently.  In this […]

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Featured Course | Women’s Intellectual History: Beginnings

NHIS3891, Women’s Intellectual History: Beginnings, Gina Luria Walker. Register here. This course combines classroom lectures with online assignments and discussions. All students are expected to participate online. Women’s intellectual history complements and corrects the traditional narrative of Western thought, mainly by and about men. Our inquiry starts with questions: What were the historical assumptions about the connections […]

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Featured Course | History and Digital Media

GHIS5156/LHIS4556, History and Digital Media. Claire Potter (onsite, Fall 2015). Register here or here. Browse the full syllabus for Fall 2015 here. What is at stake for historians as we confront the power of computer technology and the opportunities presented by digital humanities methods? The preservation of new electronic archives provides evidence about the recent past […]

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