Skype Alert!

Experiencing trouble with your Skype? Looking at the bulletin boards (which we did this morning because we were trying to connect with someone in Shanghai and Google+ doesn’t work there) a lot of people are having one or all of these problems: It looks like your friends are online when they are actually offline; You […]

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CFP | 2017 R-CADE Symposium, Camden, NJ Due November 11, 2016

The Rutgers-Camden Digital Studies Center welcomes panel proposals for the 2017 R-CADE Symposium. The Rutgers-Camden Archive of Digital Ephemera (R-CADE) provides scholars and artists the opportunity to do hands-on work with digital ephemera. The R-CADE defines ephemera broadly – nearly any digital artifact can be considered “digital ephemera,” from early videogames such as Spacewar! to […]

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CFP: Handbook of Methods in the Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities is a contested field. With little agreement on exactly what Digital Humanities means it has been deemed both the savior of the humanities and, as recently claimed in the London Review of Books, a “neoliberal tool” (​Allington, et al, 2016​) bent on destroying traditional humanities departments. Yet, despite the disagreements and debates, we […]

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NYCDH Third Annual Graduate Student Project Award

NYCDH pleased to announce our third annual cross-institutional NYCDH digital humanities graduate student project award. We invite all graduate students attending an institution in New York City and the metropolitan area to apply by Monday, August 15, 2016. First prize winner(s) will receive a cash prize of $1000. Two runner up positions will receive $500 […]

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Comparative Ethnicities Poster

New Courses | Comparative Ethnicities in the Americas

The poster for Comparative Ethnicities in the Americas is here! Registration space for this class is still available for anyone still thinking about their Fall 2016 schedule.  

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Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: Teaching Civics Through Play

Justice Sandra Day O’Connor: Arizona senator, first woman to serve as Majority Leader, first woman appointed to the Supreme Court and most recently, video game creator. After retiring from the Supreme Court in 2006, Justice O’Connor started the iCivics group in 2009. iCivics is a non-profit organization “dedicated to reinvigorating civic learning through interactive and engaging […]

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Twitter Steps Up Its Game: Can We Do the Same?

Last week, Twitter announced that users can now use alternative text with images, a device to help the visually impaired make full use of social media. Now, tweets can associate images with text for screen readers, which read aloud text on web pages. Prior to this announcement, images on Twitter were irrelevant for people who are visually impaired. (If you’re interested in […]

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The Devil and Video Games

The most recent NY Times Retro Report details the history of the famous tabletop roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons, and its alleged ties to satanism and the occult. Sparked by the disappearance of a gifted young college student who happened to be an avid D&D player, evangelical Christians spearheaded a witch-hunt and “moral panic” against the […]

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OLC Webinar

Digital Scholarship Webinar Series

Throughout this year the Online Learning Consortium will be sponsoring and hosting several web seminars on various topics related to digital scholarship. Webinars range from building your digital scholarship brand to researching the models of online education. From their website: Join OLC as we host prestigious scholar-experts in the field of digital scholarship who will share […]

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What We Wish You Knew: Professors and Students Spill the Beans

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you have some connection to academia, as a professor, student, or administrator. When you look back on your years teaching or learning, if you are like most people, you will have some complaints. There were probably some things that you took issue with, some things you wish your […]

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