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Aristotle on Natural Slavery: The Race Question, by Erick Raphael Jiménez

Jiménez discusses Aristotle’s strange views of and arguments for natural slavery in the Politics. He distinguishes two strands of interpretation: one seeing those arguments as simply ideological and as bad political philosophy, another arguing that Aristotle was presenting a coherent attack on naturalist views. Jiménez develops a competing view contending that Aristotle’s arguments for slavery […]

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Natives, Nature, and Natural Slavery, by Justin E. H. Smith

In “Natives, Nature, and Natural Slavery,” Justin E.H. Smith traces an intellectual history of native populations, conceptions of nature, and natural slavery, back to Aristotle and through the Enlightenment. Smith contends that an understanding of these historical legacies is necessary to disrupt racist essentialism that still infects our ways of thinking today. He connects these […]

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