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Plato and the German Romantic Thinkers: Friedrich Schlegel and Friedrich Daniel Ernst Schleiermacher, by Marie-Dominique Richard

The aim of this article is to demonstrate how the Romantic thinkers F. Schlegel and F. Schleiermacher, in their interpretation of Plato, were tributaries of their philosophical a priori — premises that led them to elaborate their theory of the dialogic form, a theory that involves engaging the very definition of philosophy, and which prevails […]

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The Aesthetic and Hermeneutic Significance of Expression, by Rudolf A. Makkreel

Article available through Philosophy Documentation Center, here. Rudolf A. Makkreel, “The Aesthetic and Hermeneutic Significance of Expression,” in “Expression in Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century German Philosophy,” ed. Rocío Zambrana, special issue, Graduate Faculty Philosophy Journal 27:2 (2006), pp. 187–204.

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