Date | January, 2017

Public Seminar: McKenzie Wark on Black Accelerationism

Heilbroner Affiliated Faculty and Professor of Culture and Media in Liberal Studies at The New School for Social Research, Mckenzie Wark explains how Black Accelerationism is a willful pushing forward which includes as part of its method an attempt to clear away certain habits of thought and feeling in order to be open to a future which is […]

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David Allyn on Investment in Education for talented low-income students in the New York Daily News

Heilbroner Affiliated Faculty and CEO of The Oliver Scholars Program, David Allyn wrote a recent op-ed in the New York Daily News, advocating for urgent investment on gifted and talented programming in grades K-8, since “gifted students who stay trapped in regular classes grow bored, lose interest in school and fail to realize their full potential.” Read The brightest kids […]

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Jan Dutkiewicz on the Moral Meat Market and Animal-Welfare Violations in Jacobin

Heilbroner Student Fellow Jan Dutkiewicz wrote a recent article in Jacobin, offering a critique on the supposedly moral meat market and its animal-welfare violations, exposing “how hollow the rhetoric of corporate responsibility is” when it comes to protecting animals from gruesome and violent abuses. Read The Moral Meat Market in Jacobin

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