Date | October, 2018
Dark Ghettos

Dark Ghettos and the Articulation of Race and Capitalism

Political theorist Adom Getachew will moderate a discussion between Harvard philosopher Tommie Shelby and Heilbroner Center for Capitalism Studies Faculty Fellow Michael Dawson of the University of Chicago. Shelby and Dawson will discuss what implications an analysis of the intersection of race and capitalism have for the argument Shelby advanced in his book Dark Ghettos.   The event will take place on Thursday, November […]

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Fred Block

Capitalism: The Future of an Illusion

Join Fred Block as he discusses his new book, Capitalism: The Future of an Illusion. Virtually everyone—left, right, and center—believes that capitalist economies are autonomous, coherent, and regulated by their own internal laws. This view is an illusion. The reality is that economies organized around the pursuit of private profit are contradictory, incoherent, and heavily shaped by politics […]

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Donald Mackenzie

Material Political Economies

A ‘material political economy’ is an ordering of the material world that is economically consequential and to which there are actual or potential alternatives. After motivating this idea by drawing on the work of the medieval historian Marc Bloch, Professor Donald MacKenzie will explore the contours of two important current material political economies: ultrafast high-frequency trading, […]

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Michael Dawson and Nancy Fraser discuss race, capitalism, and the neoliberal racial order

Please join the Heilbroner Center and colleagues for a conversation between Michael Dawson (The University of Chicago) and Nancy Fraser (The New School), in which they discuss race and capitalism. They will debate Dawson’s “Black Politics and the Neoliberal Racial Order” and Fraser’s “Expropriation and Exploitation in Racialized Capitalism,” available to read here: Fraser perceives […]

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[CONFERENCE October 5–6] The Future of the Left in the Americas

  Join Dissent magazine and the New School for two days of discussion with scholars, activists, and journalists from across the Americas about the challenges and opportunities for left politics in the region today. Across Latin America, the “pink tide,” which saw a range of left governments come to power over the last two decades, is in […]

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