What Bugs Hugh Raffles Insectopedia Receives Rave Reviews

For Anthropology Chair Hugh Raffles, insects are much more than creatures that interfere with picnics. His new book, Insectopedia, explores the ties that bind us to these beautiful, ancient, largely unknown species. Since this book was published in March, Raffles has received several raves from a number of major publications, including the New York Times, Publishers Weekly, and the Seattle Times. New York Times journalist Katherine Bouton described the book as miraculous,, calling Raffles as inventive and wide ranging and full of astonishing surprises as the vast insect world itself.,

Organized alphabetically with an entry for each letter, Insectopedia weaves brief vignettes, meditations, and extended essays. Raffles deftly incorporates history and science, anthropology and travel, economics, philosophy, and popular culture, illustrating how insects have triggered our obsessions, stirred our passions, and beguiled our imaginations.

In 2006, Raffles was appointed chair of the Department of Anthropology at The New School for Social Research with a joint appointment at Eugene Lang College. He earned his PhD in Forestry and Environmental Studies from Yale.

You can read more about Insectopedia on http://insectopedia.org or buy it in bookstores and online.