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Bevington Reimagines re:d Cover

William Bevington, associate professor at Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, recently accepted the task of designing the front and back covers for the Parsons alumni magazine, re:D. In creating the concept, Bevington explored play as a means of discovering, learning, and deriving intellectual pleasure. He invites readers to make connections and associations, which promise surprises to those who take his advice.

The design has six or seven layers, but most significant is the relationship between the analog-based design of the front cover created using the rules and structures of early technology, typewriter, carbon paper, handmade paper and the digital design of the back cover, made with contemporary tools, ideas, and capabilities,, said Bevington.

Bevington’s covers complement each other and share several elements, but allow for different conclusions from the same information and can be seen as an apt metaphor for Parsons’ approach to education. According to Bevington, who created hundreds of thumbnails and full-sized sketches for his cover designs, Play is hard work.,

For a printable, playable version of the connect-the-dots covers, click here.

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