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Public Health Challenges For the 21st Century

On Monday May 2, from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m., recent Eugene Lang College alumni in the areas of literature, education, writing, and interdisciplinary science will participate in a panel on careers in health justice at the SHS Conference Room 80 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor. The conversation will span topics of education, anthropology, medicine, health policy, environmental psychology, infectious diseases, narrative medicine, and public health research.

The panel, moderated by Katayoun Chamany, associate professor of Biology, includes:

  • Noriko Brubeck, BA in Interdisciplinary Science, Eugene Lang College, 2006. After graduation, Noriko completed a post-baccalaureate program at Columbia University’s department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology, where her coursework included Field Botany and Conservation Biology. She has since worked on a cultural and ecological restoration project in Hawaii, and plans to continue pursuing work and research in conservation and ethnobotany.
  • Gordon Burke, BA/MA in Interdisciplinary Science/Urban Studies, Eugene Lang College and Milano Urban Management and Policy, 2007. After graduating, Gordon attended New York Medical College. Continuing his commitment to the underserved, he got involved with the school’s student-run free clinic, La Casita de la Salud. After graduating in May 2011, he will start his residency training in internal medicine at Boston University.
  • Charnell Covert, BA in Literature, minor in Interdisciplinary Science, Eugene Lang College, 2009. After graduation, Charnell received the Developing Leadership in Black Women’s Health Scholarship to pursue her Master’s of Arts in Women’s Health at Suffolk University. She completed the program in 2010, defending the first sociology/public health and arts master’s thesis in her program’s history, which consisted of a play based on the life of Henrietta Lacks and health inequity as it applies to African American Women. After completing a PhD in either health social work or health psychology, she plans to create a holistic black women’s health center in her home city of Tubman City (Baltimore), Maryland.
  • Angelica Ferguson, BA in Interdisciplinary Science, Eugene Lang College, 2007. After graduation, Angelica secured a position as a research assistant in the Rout Laboratory of Cellular and Structural Biology at Rockefeller University where she researched RNA processing and ribosome synthesis via the development of novel techniques. She then entered the PhD program at the Global Health Institute, Ecole Polytechnique F√©d√©rale de Lausanne (EPFL) in the McKinney Laboratory of Bacteriology. She has since returned to NYC, and is now a PhD student in the Chemical Biology Program, concentrating in microbiology and infectious diseases at Rockefeller University.
  • Kate Hanselman: BA in Journalism, Eugene Lang College, 2010. After graduation, Kate served as managing editor at and as a freelance editor. She currently works as an EMT in Brooklyn while finishing pre-nursing courses at Brooklyn College, and plans to attend paramedic school in the fall. She established and teaches an EMS program in Haiti. the curriculum of which is awaiting government approval.
  • Holly Kuczynski, BA in Interdisciplinary Science and Education Studies, Eugene Lang College, 2010. Holly is currently pursuing the MS in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University.
  • Kimberly Libman, BA in Interdisciplinary Science, Eugene Lang College, 2001. After graduation, Kimberly secured the position of Director of Project Green Reach at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, a program that exposes students from low economic communities to gardening and environmental education. She received her MPH from CUNY in 2008 and is pursuing her PhD in Environmental Psychology with a focus on nutrition, gardening, and urban health as it relates to diabetes and the needs and concerns of minority populations. She coordinates the City University of New York (CUNY) and London Metropolitan University Collaboration on Municipal Responses to Childhood Obesity. She has published numerous articles and reports on nutrition, green gardening, and diabetes, and is on the adjunct faculty at CUNY and in the Food Studies program at The New School.
  • Thalia Portney, BA in Interdisciplinary Science and Psychology, Eugene Lang College, 2007. As a student, Thalia was involved in health outreach in Mexico and Ghana where she volunteered in free clinics focused on maternal and child healthcare. After graduating, she returned to Mexico City and secured a position in the Mexican Ministry of Health (CENAPRA) National Center for Injury Prevention in research coordination for a national study aimed at obtaining data on driving behaviors, and also was vital to the Flu Prevention and Analysis program during the Mexican Swine Flu outbreak. She is currently working on chronic disease prevention at the Mexico Ministry of Health, primarily through health education programming, and has coauthored publications pertaining to public health and health policy. She plans to pursue graduate study in public health, bioethics, or biotechnology. Researcher at The National Council on Prevention of Chronic Diseases, Mexico City, Mexico.

This free event is sponsored by Lang @25, Departments of Natural Science and Math, Education Studies, and Civic Engagement and Social Justice, Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts; the Wellness and Health Promotion program, University Student Health Services; and the University Science Club.


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