Help Wanted: Student Representative Sought for Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility

When The New School Board of Trustees approved the Policy and Procedures on Investment Responsibility, it created an Advisory Committee on Investor Responsibility (ACIR) and a unique opportunity for student leadership. The committee includes two student representatives, who together with two faculty members, two staff members, and two members of the Board of Trustees, advise the Board on responsible management of the university’s endowment investments. The ACIR is seeking someone to fill one of those key roles: a proactive and engaged student who can make a two-year commitment to continue the positive momentum of ACIR.

The ACIR has had a very busy year. In addition to developing internal committee operating guidelines and bylaws, launching an informative public website, and producing a collection of outreach materials to engage the wider New School community, the ACIR developed and maintains guidelines for increasing attention to environmental, social, and governance issues in the management of the university’s endowment investments.

The ACIR meets at least quarterly and prepares an annual report regarding activities of the academic year. Students interested in filling the second student position should submit the ACIR Member Application to Linda Hird, Director of Investment, Treasury & Risk Management at by Monday, May 20, 2011 to be considered. President David Van Zandt will select the most qualified student to join the committee as it enters its second year.