MFA Transdisciplinary Design Students Win Design Ignites Change Award

Students in the MFA Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons received a prestigious Design Ignites Change award for Blank Plate, a project focused on healthy eating in the South Bronx. The mission of the awards is to support the actual implementation of student-led solutions to pressing social issues.

The South Bronx is a neighborhood plagued with food-related health issues and limited access to affordable fresh produce. Parsons students will work with The Point, a local community arts organization, on an opportunity for teens in Hunt’s Point to re-imagine their relationship to food, through an innovative program that will include an experiential cooking workshop and a picnic dinner hosting members of the community. A bulk of the funding will go towards upgrading The Point’s existing kitchen to be more functional, safe and conducive to host the Blank Plate or other future cooking programs.

To learn more about the work of students in the MFA Transdisciplinary Design program, visit the program’s blog.