Drama Alumni Come Home

On October 12, The New School for Drama held its inaugural homecoming alumni reunion event, welcoming more than 60 alumni, with each graduating class represented. The event included a reception at the Drama building, and a special, final dress rehearsal ... read more

OWS@TNS: Bringing Occupy Wall Street into the Classroom

As the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement continued to draw national attention and sympathetic demonstrations around the country and across the globe, a group of New School faculty and students saw an opportunity to bring the energy of the streets ... read more

Are You New School? You Are. I Can Tell.

“You have to be willing to kill your children,” Kailey says. Her classmate Felicia, with whom she shares a brownstone stoop, nods vigorously. It’s something they’ve both learned in their poetry workshop: create something, fall in love with it, and ... read more