NSSR’s Casasanto Appears on the Today Show

Do lefties have it worse? Daniel Casasanto assistant professor of psychology at The New School for Social Research made an appearance this morning on the Today Show discussing recent findings concerning unique traits of the left-handed population. Casasanto commented that some brain conditions are found more often among the left handed especially those related to language dyslexia, stuttering, autism, as well mood disorders such as depression and schizophrenia., Adding that although the research is debated,, it is more than a coincidence.,

Casasanto, whose research focuses on how the diversity of the human experience is reflected in the mind, joined the psychology department at The New School in 2010. In addition to his appearance on the Today Show Casasanto research has been highlighted in publications such as Scientific American. His latest paper When Left is “Right”: Motor fluency shapes abstract concepts, examines how handedness effects associations between space and emotional associations, shaping abstract though.

For more information visit his website, www.casasanto.com.