Drama and Parsons Collaborate ‘Under the Great Wide Open’

During New School’s winter break January 17-21, The New School for Drama and Parsons Design & Technology MFA and Fashion BFA programs participated in a cross-departmental collaborative workshop, which explored the intersection between technology and identity. The goal of the workshop was to utilize the collaborative effort of flexible teams to create inspired, considered, provocative performance, installation and video projects that addressed this issue with originality and creativity outside the traditional discipline partnerships.

The program was spearheaded by Drama program director Pippin Parker and Parsons’ faculty member Ethan Silverman (Design & Technology MFA, Fashion BFA). Elizabeth Carlson (Drama MFA 2010) and Adam Scher (DT MFA 2011) served as producers, and Parsons’ faculty member Zach Leiberman (Design & Technology MFA) acted as the interactive design advisor.

The week culminated with an informal presentation of the work-in-progress performance and installation at Drama. Based on this introductory work, the pieces will be further developed for performance and exhibition at the Old Vic Tunnels in London next summer 2012.