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Producing Without Permission: MS in Media Management to Launch in 2012

Students in the new Media Management program students will get hands-on experience tackling the challenges posed by emerging media technologies.

“It would be nice to be a successful filmmaker,” a student recently mused to Paul Hardart, director of the graduate certificate program in Media Management. “To be able to make a film a year! How do you get to do that?”

“Just go ahead and do it yourself,” Hardart told the aspiring filmmaker. “You have the power now, you don’t need permission anymore.”

In a world where films can be made entirely on a mobile phone and distributed globally overnight, anyone with vision and motivation can produce their own Annie Hall. But as new producing and distributing platforms proliferate, the media business becomes more complex, requiring greater management expertise.

Enter the Master of Science in Media Management, the newest offering from The New School for Public Engagement’s well-regarded media studies program. An expansion of the popular Graduate Certificate in Media Management, the master’s program, which welcomes its first class in this fall, trains students to address the unique management demands of the rapidly evolving media sector.

Content is still king across music, film, TV, and digital, but there’s an array of ways you can finance and distribute work,, says Hardart. Students in the program ask questions like ‘What is my content?’ ‘What is my goal?’ and ‘Who is my audience?’ These aren’t just artistic questions, they’re business challenges as well.,

Media management students explore media economics, talent hiring and management, and marketing and competitive strategies. The degree also offers in-depth courses on politics and the media business, media and ethics, and media business history.

Hardart brings decades of experience as both a media creator and manager to the program. A graduate of Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Hardart has worked in newspapers, television, and film and, in keeping with The New School’s teacher-practitioner model, continues to be active in the film business outside of the university. As co-founder of Universal Focus, he oversaw the release of Being John Malkovich, Billy Elliot, and Nurse Betty; and as co-founder and partner of Adirondack Films, he produced Annie Leibowitz: Life Through a Lens and the PBS series Uncorked!

Hardart’s extensive experience allows him to help students develop their own ideas. Where these students see media going in the future is far more important than where I think it’s going,, he says. The faculty and I are here to build students’ confidence in their own ideas. We’re giving them the tools they need to think about the future, and the skills that will help them direct their careers.,

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