First Eighteen: Parsons MFA Students’ Runway Show

On Saturday, September 8, 2012, Parsons’ MFA in Fashion Design and Society hosted its first runway show, called “The First Eighteen” in honor of the program’s 18 graduate designers. Held at Milk Studios in Manhattan as part of New York’s MADE Fashion Week, the show was packed to the rafters with press, fashion insiders, and notable alumni like Donna Karan, who provided the funding to launch the new program.

“You could see a generation of emerging talents who were being influenced not just by flash, “ wrote The New York Times, which also ran a long feature on the program this past spring, “but by deep-thinking designers like Alexander McQueen, Martin Margiela and Miguel Androver.” The Times was joined in its enthusiasm by Blackbook magazine,, The Daily Front Row and many more.

To see the full video, visit The New School’s new Livestream channel, which simulcasted the runway show.

That wasn’t all Parsons was up to this fashion week: our designers showed off their work at the Ports 1961 store on Fashion’s night out; one talented design student won $25,000 to start their own collection; and the winners of the PPR/The Fancy contest (who secured dream internships with brands like Alexander McQueen) were feted at an intimate reception.

See the below slideshow for the work of the talented graduates of the MFA Fashion Design and Society program.

Peruvian designer Lucia Cuba’s collection opened the show, which was a commentary on the repressive regime of Alberto Fujimori in Peru in the 1990s. (c. Dan Lecca)

Designer Beckett Fogg, who studied architecture as an undergraduate, embossed the fabrics in her collection working with an industrial press used for automobile parts. (c. Dan Lecca)

Designer Carly Ellis, from Liverpool, England, was inspired by street fashion and tribal prints for her colorful collection. (c. Dan Lecca)

A look by designer Claire Diederichs (WEN). (c. Dan Lecca)

Designer Jie Li created fun headwear to accompany her collection, incorporating My Little Pony and other found objects (c. Dan Lecca)

A look by designer Qianyan Zhao (WEN). (c. Dan Lecca)

Talia Shuvalov’s collection closed the show, featuring jeans and meticulously quilted sweaters and t-shirts made from vintage tees, as a commentary on consumer culture. (c. Dan Lecca)

The End of the Show