Just Deserts

This month, a piece of China’s vast Gobi Desert finds its way to New York City, courtesy of Parsons students. The End Is The Beginning is an exhibit of photos taken in the world’s third-largest desert by students across several programs, including MFA Photography, as part of a team led by Simone Douglas.

The students worked in small teams, spending four days at a time living in and photographing the Gobi. The work was taken as part of a photo competition sponsored and arranged by Chinese company BrotherWin International. Parsons students won top prize in the competition in both 2010 and 2011, which Douglas described as being “like the Oscars” in China, complete with press and thousands of screaming attendees.

Some of the featured work can be seen in the accompanying slideshow, and can be viewed first hand at Parsons’ 25 East Gallery, at 25 East 13th Street, from October 2 through October 12.

Photo by Simone Douglas.

Sara Jimenez and Kaitlyn Redell perform at The Great Wall of China. Photo by Simone Douglas.

Left to right Chaney Trotter, Grace Hong, Lilian Kreutzberger, Joy McKinney, Simone Douglas, Kaitlyn Redell, and Sara Jimenez. Photo by Arthur Ou.

Sara Jimenez and Kaitlyn Redell performance The Gobi Desert. Photo by Grace Hong.