Just When You Thought it was All Over….

For those few who aren’t relieved by the sudden drop-off in political media following last Tuesday’s results, The New School is offering some live, post-election analysis to quell symptoms of withdrawals.

Assistant professor of politics Jeff Smith, whom Research Radio spoke with just before the election, joins a panel discussion “The Inside Story of Election 2012.”

Smith, along with five other leading political pundits, will analyze the repercussions of technological innovation and demographic shifts on the national electorate (hint: gridlock and bickering) this Wednesday, November 14 at The New School.

Speaking of gridlock, in Why Blue and Red No Longer Make Purple, Jeff Smith voiced concerns for the ‘fiscal cliff’ that is fast approaching at the end of the year. He’s not the only one. Check out more analysis on how the fiscal cliff could play out:

Brace yourself; we’re in for a rough ride

Forecast calls for light rain

Of course, Wile E. Coyote always seems to bounce back:


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