NSSR Scholars Introduce Political Concepts: A Critical Lexicon

Politics is far more than electioneering and legislating. As a philosophical concept, politics is “the multiplicity of forces, structures, problems, and orientations that shape our collective life.” So states the editorial preface of Political Concepts: A Critical Lexicon, a new online journal from New School for Social Research professors Ann Stoler and Jay Bernstein, and doctoral philosophy student Todd Kesselman.

Political Concepts offers a growing lexicon of essays ruminating on the inherent (or not so inherent) political nature of common objects, categories, and ideas. With an aim to broaden contemporary political theory to include what remains unquestioned, Political Concepts demonstrates how even such common notions as “colony”, “violence” and “survival” still have much to be analyzed and answered. However, other topics are less obviously political—such as “bubble”—and offer new structures for study.

Stoler, who serves as the Willy Brandt Distinguished University Professor of Anthropology and Historical Studies, and Bernstein, University Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, are on the editorial board for the journal, which also includes scholars from different disciplines across the globe. Kesselman oversees the publication as managing editor. For more information on the online review, as well as guidelines to submit papers, click here.