Jazz Students Add Soul to Homeland Theme

Homeland’s Carrie Mathison likes jazz. So too of course do The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music students. It seemed inevitable then that collaboration was in order—almost. In a recent parody by Vulture, New York Magazine’s entertainment blog, Jazz students, along with famed jazz singer Marianne Solivan and comedian Julie Klausner, offered a new theme song for the hit TV show. After Klausner mused on the series’ recent “de-jazz”ing, she was off to remedy griping critics’ concern of the show’s latest season by, in her own words, “re-jazzify[ing] it with a new, jazzy-riffic” theme song.

With lyrics written by Klausner and performed by Homeland fan Solivan, New Schooler’s instruments hummed a snazzy tune to the mix, which clarified the most vital aspects of the series in a roughly three minute overview.  Check out a video rendition of the song here.