Jazz Alumnus and his Band Land Cover of the Voice

New School for Jazz alumnus Ben Greenberg didn’t always get reviews comparing his music to Tom Petty. Two years ago, songs from his Brooklyn-based band The Men were classified as “New York City underground dirt” and an “atonal downtown splatter.” ... read more

The New School for Drama Gets Naked… Angels

Naked Angels, the eclectic downtown theater company has found a new home at The New School for Drama, providing undergraduate and graduate students with a creative environment to experiment and collaborate, in addition to a professional association with working artists ... read more

A Return Trip: LSD Gets a Second Look

“Turn on, tune in, drop out.” The author of this mid-1960s catchphrase, Timothy Leary—a Harvard professor-turned-enthusiast of psychedelic drugs—had high hopes for a world with hallucinogens. Leary even imagined that psychedelics like LSD and MDMA might help bring peace to ... read more

Parsons Dominates IndieCade East

The organizers of IndieCade East, the New York incarnation of the nation’s largest gathering of independent game designers, are apparently are not shy about over-hyping. In advance of the Iron Game Design Challenge, a live competition roughly modeled on cooking ... read more