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“Argentina’s About-Face on Terror” Featured on NYT

Federico Finchelstein

It’s been nearly a decade since a van carrying explosives killed 85 people outside a Jewish center in Buenos Aires, but just recently, Argentinian prosecution efforts against those suspected of the attack—Hezbollah and the Iranian officials financing the act—grounded to a halt.  In an op-ed piece in the New York Times last week, Federico Finchelstein, an associate professor of history at The New School for Social Research, discussed implications for such a policy reversal, as well as the country’s possible repercussions of continuing closer ties with Iran.

Following a vote in the Argentine congress last month, President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner formed an agreement with the Iranian government, which would allow Argentine officials to travel into Iran to conduct interviews with those charged with involvement in the terrorist attack.  Finchelstein’s article questions the future of Argentina’s foreign policy design, given this latest treaty.  To read the opinion piece, which ranked as the eighth most-read article over the first weekend of March, click here.

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