Mind and Matter: NSSR’s Daniel Casasanto Honored by Association for Psychology Science

Daniel Casasanto may be a long way from the operatic stage where he used to perform, but he still has quite an audience in his new profession.  Now an assistant professor of psychology at The New School for Social Research, Casasanto was recently awarded the 2013 Janet Taylor Spence Award from the Association for Psychological Science (APS). The award recognizes revolutionary contributions to psychological science and celebrates innovative research coming from rising stars in the field. The award is given to creative and promising investigators who are just starting their careers.

“It’s a tremendous honor to have our research recognized by APS,” said Casasanto in an article for Psychological Science. It’s gratifying to know that the work my lab and I find so exciting is of interest to others, too.”

As a cognitive scientist, Casasanto’s research explores how different experiences (i.e. cultural and linguistic) influence the way people feel, think, and act. His work demonstrates not only the relativity of such interactions at the individual level, but also ways to universalize them in social and physical contexts.

Read more about the award and Casasanto’s research here.