The Week of Living Globally


New School President David Van Zandt and Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong at a meeting in July 2013

This past week, New School President David Van Zandt has been visiting the locations of our new academic partnerships. He’s logged a lot of miles. This year, the university has announced or launched global presences in cities like Paris, Mumbai, and Shanghai.

On July 17, President Van Zandt met students and faculty at the new Indian School of Design and Innovation in Mumbai, which will be the future home of Parsons Mumbai, an academic base for The New School in India. On July 22, he traveled to Shanghai for a meeting with the Mayor of Shanghai, Yang Xiong, and the leadership of Phoenix Satellite Television Group, to celebrate a new partnership between Phoenix and The New School to develop educational programs in China.

Together, the university’s activities in Shanghai and Mumbai will connect with our campuses in Paris and  New York to create an international network of global hubs. These will offer students and faculty unprecedented opportunities to study and conduct research around the world. It’s great for them, but it’s murder on Van Zandt, a long-legged man who can’t be enjoying all this air travel. We’d advise him to settle in. The globe isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we.