In 100 Days…

In 100 days, construction crews on the corner of 14th street and 5th Avenue will be a thing of the past.

In 100 days, the 7th floor green roof will be the view for New Schoolers wishing to study and collaborate in a new digital library.

In 100 days, the sun will splash across desks and tables from windows strategically placed in classrooms to capture its natural light.

In 100 days, students and faculty will traverse an unusual and spacious staircase, prompting engagement and idea creation.

In 100 days, the finishing touches will be put on a fully mobile stage, in a grandiose auditorium meant to house concerts, plays, fashion shows and more.

In 100 days, students will finally gaze on, explore, and experience the full 16 stories of a new, New York landmark.

In 100 days, The New School’s University Center opens.