Stick to the Present, Secretary Kerry

“The era of the Monroe Doctrine is over.” This statement, given by John Kerry in a speech at the Organization of American States last week, should have elicited a great deal of response from the Latin Americans. Instead, it was ... read more

Performing Play

At the beginning of the loopy and joyful video “Boy Band Audition,” a crowd of people twirls around, doing their best to execute some Backstreet Boys-style dance moves. Later on, single people stand alone with a microphone, with the karaoke ... read more

The University Center: A Space for Everyone

When the University Center opens in 65 days (it’s the final countdown!), its brightly colored interior will be the first thing that catches the eye. The academic spaces and hallways that make up floors two through seven are splashed with ... read more

Brave New World

On November 10, brass and woodwind trios and dueling violinists took to the stage of Miami’s New World Symphony. Despite standing center stage, the musicians, clad all in black, were not what the audience was looking at. As they played, ... read more