Hackers, Unite!

Is Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto, pitting proletariats against capitalists, a bit outdated for our current structure of the economy? Ten years ago, Eugene Lang College professor of culture and media McKenzie Wark thought it prudent to include a new class relation necessitated by the ... read more

A New Way to Move

Entering Wollman Hall at 3:50 on a Wednesday afternoon this semester reveals an intimate look into a scene of undergraduate life at Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts: Ten or so students, all dressed in the latest ... read more

We Make Beautiful Shoes Together: Allen Edmonds + Parsons

On a recent afternoon, Parsons student Michelle Brown stood on the stage of The New School’s historic Auditorium at 66 West 12th Street and spoke to a table full of serious-faced fashion professionals. Listening intently were Simon Collins, the dean ... read more

Mannes Teacher Awarded for Fresh Take on Classical Voices

The American Academy of Arts and Letters (the Academy) will give the first-ever Virgil Thomson Award for Vocal Music to Mannes The New School for Music composition faculty member, Lowell Liebermann. Named for a Pulitzer Prize recipient and Kennedy Center ... read more