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Nina Khrushcheva Reviews the Kremlin

It takes but a short time of listening to Nina Khrushcheva—or reading her work—to gather that the New School associate professor of international affairs is not a fan of Russian president Vladimir Putin. “Not a fan,” in fact, treads lightly.

“Putin is messianic, a uniter of lands and corrector of historic wrongs,” she intones sarcastically to Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker, who features her in a March 18th piece. That is to say, Khrushcheva finds him suffering occasionally from delusions of grandeur.

Khrushcheva spoke with Parker regarding President Putin’s involvement in the annexation of Crimea, and his probable foreign policy going forward – one of the professor’s scores of high-profile media appearances since the Sochi Winter Olympics, the Ukrainian uprising and subsequent invasion of Crimea.

One of the world’s leading experts on Russian politics, Khrushcheva’s recently published The Lost Khrushchev: A Journey in the Gulag of the Russian Mind explores a Russian cultural tendency to view certain national leaders forgivingly.

Read the article here. 

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