East Meets West: Parsons Shanghai Opens

Pack your bags, New Schoolers, we’re heading east. Sure to be a coveted educational hub for students looking to study abroad in an urban nexus of art, technology and economics, Parsons Shanghai will prepare students to work in real-world, international ... read more

Sociology Faculty Rack Up ASA Awards

From tracing the connection between architecture and post-war European state politics, to building theoretical frameworks to predict the future, to assessing online journalism’s “clickability” phenomenon, it is an exciting time for academic exploration in The New School for Social Research’s ... read more

Hunts Point: From “Infamy to Fame”

Members of the Hunts Point, South Bronx community can tell you that the reputation of their neighborhood has been sullied by a history of drugs, crime and prostitution. Local artists, however, have a fresh story to tell that casts the ... read more